Louie 1.jpg

We are looking for a very special ‘quiet’ home for our little Louie. A home where not a lot is expected from him and a home that truly understands what patience and understanding is, a home that is very quiet with no children.

Louie needs a home with a resident dog (dogs) a total "hands off" approach until he is confident to approach his new owner.

Louie has started to trust and gain confidence so we are 100% sure that in the right forever home, Louie will continue to thrive.

Louie has taken around 3 months to be able to trust humans that little step more.

From hiding under the sofa completely scared,

not being able to walk past him, to running away when you spoke to him.

He now has learnt how to play with other dogs.

He listens to you talk to him and follows you around.

Louie is still very hand shy but will take a treat from you.

If you fit all of this criteria and believe Louie could be that match for you and your resident dog then please send in application below